White Hawk Ecovillage


White Hawk is a group of people from all walks of life who have chosen to establish a neighborhood integrating ecologically sound principles and efforts towards community sufficiency.  Our community is being built on 120 acres in Danby, New York – six miles south of Ithaca.  We are people of all ages who look forward to passing down a thriving village full of neighbors with diverse skills, ideas and talents to our children and their children.

Our village plan includes thirty home sites in a circle around a common recreation area. Residents have the option of being tied to the grid or using alternative forms of energy.  As of December, 2016, there are nine completed homes at White Hawk, with a few more on their way in 2017.

We’re actively seeking new members! If you’re wanting community, and country life close by a culturally rich small city, White Hawk may be just right for you! Start by joining our email list (use the form below) so you can get a sense of what our community life is like over the next weeks and months.

Or, check out our Vision to see if we’re your kind of people.