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Despite daytime temps still in the 80s here in the Finger Lakes region of New York, fall is decidedly nipping at our heels. Nights are getting down into the 40s, we’re receiving less and less light by the day, and it’s already time to plant our fall crops! Not to mention kids are back in school (whether that’s public school, homeschool programming or other activities).

Above, some White Hawk kids enjoy some of the last joys of summer, before the ground freezes over and shorts are replaced with snow pants.


We hope to see you

… for our 3rd Annual Fall Equinox Party (Raindate: 10/1). Join us for music, fire and food with friends. We’ve got the cider press rented, the bow-drill fire demo arranged, the musicians lined up… now we just need you! For more information and to RSVP, see our Facebook event page.

Below, White Hawk resident Serena Lindahl ruminates on the changing of the seasons and how we observe, witness and give thanks to this glorious time of year. (First appeared in Tompkins Weekly.)

Fall Preparation

As the mist rises over the pond on our first slightly chilly morning of the impending change of seasons, we prepare for colder days at White Hawk Ecovillage. What does that mean for us? It means tromping through the forest in search of fall nuts, insulating the latest house to make its appearance around our circle, and hosting our third annual Equinox Celebration!

While a gaggle of child superheroes in capes and masks races their bikes up and down our road in search of villainous offenses, or more likely a frog crossing in untimely fashion, several of White Hawk’s older residents prepare to harvest and put up the food from our gardens. It was a rough summer filled with plenty of watering, weeding and pest control, but our gardens are now bursting with tomatoes, corn, squash and more tomatoes! As we harvest from our own backyards and the gardens we so diligently nurtured, we also look to the wider world. The leaves aren’t starting to turn brilliant shades yet, but soon the nuts will drop and we’ll search almanacs and other resources for ways to use them, either as food or, in the case of the black walnuts, as a formidable dye. We might need to beat a few squirrels to the cache, but we have those superheroes to help us out!

The other wonderful news around the circle is that soon another garden will be joining us, attached to new residents, of course. Mark and Sara Pruce are building their house in lot No. 12 and their abode is scheduled to be ready in October. Mark and Sara have lived on site for about a year now and they knew within two weeks of moving to White Hawk that they wanted to raise their son here on a more permanent basis. The concrete has been poured, the radiant floor heating has been installed and the insulation truck is driving up the road as I write this. This doesn’t mean, however, that the house where Mark and Sara have been making their temporary home will echo with emptiness. Another family from New Hampshire has already moved in as they try to determine if White Hawk is the forever home they’ve been looking for. The two families will coexist in No. 2 until the Pruces’ house is finished; perhaps learning the best way what co-housing and living in community is all about.

While the entire community prepares for Fall and welcomes new residents, the planning committee for the third annual White Hawk Equinox Celebration operates behind the scenes. This year, our celebration will occur on September 24 (with the rain date as October 1), starting at 5 p.m.

There will be music, performed by our very own singer/songwriter Mike Early. Following Mike, at 7 p.m., will be Jen Cork of Jen Cork and The Good Hope. Kids can enjoy our playground throughout the evening, with an optional structured activity at 6 p.m. and a bow drill demonstration at 7 p.m., both organized by some of the wonderful staff from Primitive Pursuits.

And of course, there will be a yummy potluck! Visitors are encouraged to bring a dish to pass and their own place settings and utensils to make for easier cleanup and less waste. Also, bring apples! We are renting a cider press for the evening and bringing apples will ensure that you have some delicious apple cider to take home with you. All are welcome, whether you’re interested in community living or not!

White Hawk residents are a predominantly social bunch and we love talking, so come hang out with us for an evening. Encourage your kids to play on the playground, take a tour around the neighborhood, and eat some delicious food while conversing over the background of music and a crackling fire. Personally, I couldn’t imagine a better way to welcome the cooler weather and mark the changing of the seasons.

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