Happy New Year from White Hawk Ecovillage!

An Update from White Hawk Lane

A Newsletter from White Hawk Ecovillage

Here’s to looking ahead!

2015 has been an exciting one for us at White Hawk. The house on lot #2 was completed, lot #14 has been reserved, and ground was broken on lot #13. We overcame a major obstacle in building the required bridge over Buttermilk creek – the next time you come for a visit, make sure to oooh and aaah as you drive over it.
With all this momentum, now is a great time to be involved at White Hawk so if you haven’t visited us recently or at all yet, get in touch with us soon to set up a visit.

The roof went up on #13 last week!

Mark Pruce and his family are currently renting #2 at White Hawk Lane. They are planning to finish designing their home over the winter and to break ground on their new home here in the spring. 
(Photos are of various White Hawk kids.)

Reason #299 Why I’m Moving to White Hawk

When people ask me why we decided to move to White Hawk, I usually give the same answer: we wanted to raise our son in a place like this.


We want him to grow up with direct access to beautiful outdoor space in our backyard. We want him to grow up with kids around his age who are also excited about building forts, jumping in puddles, and helping out with the chickens. We want him to have a deep, close connection to the earth as a source of food, fun and comfort.


But the truth is, I want all of the same things for myself and that’s also why I’m moving here. I’m still a kid at heart (as well as a kid in cereal preference and sense of humor) and I want to raise myself here, too.


I find myself most excited about life when I’m surrounded by other people who are passionate about building projects, growing food, raising animals and just playing. It inspires me to be creative, open minded to learning new things from my neighbors, and bold about taking on new projects.


So I guess that’s reason #300: raising myself at White Hawk.

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