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An Update from White Hawk Lane

A Newsletter from White Hawk Ecovillage

Well, somehow it’s already May! It’s a wonderful time here in upstate New York, when we can again gather by the fire pit in our center circle, plants are poking out of the ground after a long winter, and we start planning warm weather activities. We’re experiencing an exciting surge in interest in our community, as more folks are planning to build at White Hawk now than ever before. Read on for our first newsletter in some months–an exciting one at that!

Vlog! Snow! Projects!

Ummm… hi!

For folks with even a single gardening bone in their bodies, spring is a euphoric time of year, filled with the promise of delicious, fresh produce, without the grower’s frustrations setting in yet from pests, wilting heat, plant disease and more.

It’s also exceedingly busy, as we rush to start seedlings indoors, get everything in the ground, and do whatever maintenance probably needed to happen back in the fall.

Not to mention all the other important projects happening at White Hawk right now, as we try to finish, among other things, purchasing the land from the developer and do some critical water system work.

Which explains why we haven’t gotten a newsletter out to you since February!

Thankfully, back in March, resident Mark Silver recorded White Hawk’s very first video blog in which he discusses a bit about how we get projects done here on the land.

Screenshot of video blog(We plan on doing more videos in the future–and already have our next video blog queued up–so please do subscribe to our youtube channel to be kept up to date.)

It’s taken us a few months to get our proverbial ducks in a row to send this out to you. Let us know your thoughts, and be in touch!

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