As outlined in our decision-making process, White Hawk has several committees to address the various aspects of running, maintaining and growing our community. Below are our core committees, while others sometimes gather or meet on an ad hoc basis to address specific needs or for a limited time frame. To contact any of the committees, you may email to be connected.

The steering committee discusses and plans the future and direction (hence, steering) of our project. The committee deals with legal issues, town codes and zoning, finances, and other important decisions. This is an open committee; meaning that all members are part of this committee and regular participation at the meetings is encouraged.

Formerly the architectural resource committee and the emergency preparedness committee, the two were combined to create Infrastructure. This committee developed our green building guidelines (email us for a copy) and is the primary contact for infrastructure projects like our water treatment building, septic systems, wells, and, when the time arrives, managing the construction of our common house..

The land stewardship committee is responsible for our interaction with the land and projects on it. If you have an idea for how to use common land, the earth stewardship committee will help you make a proposal and coordinate amongst various existing and future planned projects.

The outreach committee maintains and updates the website, answers queries, leads tours, coordinates participation in events,  and generally ensures our presence in the greater community beyond White Hawk.

The membership committee is responsible for shepherding new prospective individuals and households through the process to full membership. This committee also handles internal membership issues, clarifications, and more.

The finance committee (which includes our treasurer), of course, manages all of White Hawk’s finances. This includes a responsibility for our budget, paying bills, managing the numerous line items of incoming and outgoing cash and more.