White Hawk Vision Statement:

White Hawk Ecovillage embraces principles of sustainability, ecological living, simplicity, and respect for all living things. We envision a village where families live in harmony with nature and interact with each other in positive and productive ways. Just as our homes are joined together in a circle surrounding the village center, we join together to support happiness and balance for individuals while benefiting the larger community in and beyond our own neighborhood.

Looking across the land, we see eco-friendly homes, a spacious common house, wind turbines, solar panels, forest and trails, ponds, community gardens, an orchard, a farm, and play spaces for all ages. We look forward to leisurely meals in the common house, sharing tools and resources, planting trees to expand the forest, growing organic fruits and vegetables, and gathering for community activities.

We are motivated by an awareness that we, individually and collectively, can make a difference through actions that reflect the values we hold dear: connection, peace, love and joy. As individuals, neighbors, and families, we flourish in a culture of trust and honesty, cooperation and kindness, inclusion and inspiration.

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