At one time in our evolution, we had a number of committees working on various issues. Now, because our core group is small and easily managed, people share an idea when they want to share an idea, and others join in when they want to join in. Sounds nice and informal, doesn’t it? It is. It’s possible that when more people join the community, more formal structures may arise again. Our basic committee structure remains in place, largely in the background, to deal with any issues that come up in our decision-making process.

The steering committee discusses and plans the future and direction (hence, steering) of our project. The committee deals with legal issues, town codes and zoning, finances, and other important decisions. This is an open committee; meaning that all members are part of this committee and regular participation at the meetings is encouraged.

Formerly the architectural resource committee and the emergency preparedness committee, the two were combined to create ARK. ARK developed our green building guidelines. Email us for a copy.

The earth stewardship committee is for folks interested in our interaction with the land and projects on it. If you have an idea for how to use common land, the earth stewardship committee will help you make a proposal.

The outreach/membership committee maintains and updates the website, answers queries, leads tours, coordinates participation in events, guides applicants through the membership process, and produces new literature.