About Us

White Hawk is a group of people from all walks of life who have chosen to establish a neighborhood integrating ecologically sound principles and efforts towards community sufficiency.  Our community is being built on 120 acres in Danby, New York – six miles south of Ithaca.  We are people of all ages who look forward to passing down a thriving village full of neighbors with diverse skills, ideas and talents to our children and their children.

Our village plan includes thirty homesites in a circle around a common recreation area. Residents are encouraged to use alternative forms of energy.

Henry Peterson, a member who owns the land, serves as White Hawk’s developer. As the project progresses, he will sell the land to White Hawk Inc., a non-profit, taxable entity comprised of all the members. Each of the 30 member households in White Hawk Ecovillage will own 1 of the 30 shares in White Hawk Inc.

One of the most intriguing aspects of our village is that members are free to build the home of their choice. While we offer preexisting designs that are green, attractive and quite economical, members are free to use their own house plans too, as long as they meet the guidelines for size and green building practices. We feel this individuality will add to the charm of the village.

We operate by consensus decision-making, and we encourage creativity and creative problem solving. That is one of the advantages of a cohousing village such as White Hawk.

Why not come visit?

We encourage anyone considering an intentional community lifestyle at White Hawk to come visit us: take a guided walk on the land, attend an upcoming meeting or just visit with a member one-on-one.

Also, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter (form below), so you can get to know about us and life at White Hawk.